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WINEmakers from all over california come together for one day in palm springs.



Let’s be honest. Most people have a pretty generic, polarized view of what California wine is: big, expensive Napa cabs or Two-Buck Chuck. But in recent years, a new guard of winemakers has been shaking up the style. They’re breaking the mold and bringing diversity to the craft to better reflect California itself.

For its inaugural event, Palm Springs Wine Fest is dedicated to these winemakers. We’re highlighting movers and shakers of the “California Style,” who are preserving varietals from far-flung locations like the Sierra Foothills and Mendocino, and taking a lighter touch in the cellar. Of course, we’ll have cabernet, chardonnay and pinot noir — they might just taste more natural and fresh, like the winemakers featured at the festival.

Though every winemaker is different, the ones you’ll meet use biodynamic and organic farming practices. Most importantly, their wines are made with love and reflect their dedication to California terroir.

This year, we’re celebrating the Golden State — and its place in the contemporary landscape of wine.



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It was one of the better wine events I’ve ever participated in. Busy, but not crazy. Genuinely curious people, not a drunk fest. And a good group of like-minded producers who were earnest and open and generous. The whole thing had such a great vibe. Thanks again for inviting me!
— Dave Potter, Potek Winery